Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone

The Sword of Odysseos, Act I
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Hoseidon's Tear, Act III
Of Councilors and Kings
  • Hesper awakens, much to her surprise, in bed in her old room in the palace of Stymphalos. Her mother, Queen Delphinia, is on hand and is relieved at her regaining consciousness.
  • She tells her the ship arrived in orbit a few days ago. She’s been fevered and delirious since they found her on board.
  • She says that while the king is displeased with her presence, Delphinia insisted she be allowed to stay until she was well and her strength returned.
  • When Hesper asks about the pearl, a man standing in the doorway speaks stating he has it and it is safe. Her mother introduces her to Councilor Nicias, First Citizen of Stymphalos. He expresses his relief she is feeling better.
  • Hesper again asks about the pearl. He says that her step-father ordered the pearl confiscated, but rather than let King Agrios’ men take it, he claimed it himself for safe keeping. It is, of course, hers at her request.
  • Nicias suggests Hesper come dine at his home this evening, if she is feeling well enough, and she may inspect the gem then, or take it as she sees fit.
  • Hesper initially balks, suggesting the King might be unhappy. Nicias suggests that the king will be rid of her as soon as he is able, but is currently bound by the laws of hospitality. Once the king’s hospitality runs out, it would be good for Hesper to have powerful friends. Hesper agrees.
  • After bathing and changing for dinner, Hesper leaves her room and is stunned to see new levels of opulence in the palace, including multiple statues of King Agrios in heroic poses. As she takes in the excessive splendor, she feels as though she is being watched. Her eyes are drawn to a high veranda where her half-brother is sitting, watching her with a dark look in his eyes. As soon as she sees him, he turns his hover-chair and disappears through an archway.
  • At Nicias’ home, Hesper is welcomed to dinner with Nicias’ family and a few other friends. She learns Nicias is very devout, and that he speaks frequently of the liberty and freedom of the people.
  • In private discussion, Nicias informs Hesper of recent events including a trade war between the Peloponisian and Aegean Leagues, which has severely hurt Stymphalos economically. Using emergency provisions available to the king under Stymphalean law, the King has granted the Royal Court unlimited discretionary spending.
  • The king insists that if the court spends money, it will aid Stymphalos’ economy, which he elected to spend on the new found opulence of the palace, as well as statues of himself in various ecumenopoli around the planet. However, as the king also only wished the best artisans for capturing his image, he has hired many from off-world.
  • Many are unhappy with the king and there is a growing dissent that may lead to a forced re-election if it gains enough support.
  • The king is very concerned with image, Nicias says, and her sudden appearance having achieved one of his “impossible” labors has embarrassed him. She can use this to further humiliate him and weaken his position.
  • If she continues to succeed at her tasks, then the king may grow desperate and move against her. If he does so, she should bring the evidence to Nicias, so he can be sure it’s revealed to the Forum.
  • Hesper takes the pearl from Nicias’ vault and asks one of his servants to sew it into her himation so it cannot be easily found.
  • Hesper returns to the palace to sleep that night and when she awakens the next morning, finds her room had been searched and left in disarray while she slept. The pearl, however, remains in the lining of her himation.
  • Councilor Nicias sends a car to bring Hesper to the Agora so she may publicly present the pearl to her mother.
  • Hesper’s presentation of the pearl causes an uproar in the Agora, with the people cheering it’s return. The king tries to feign his gratitude for it’s return, but emphasizes her other tasks remaining undone. She announces her intention to do those next, with the Blood of the Hydra being her next priority. The king insists then that they would not wish to detain her further.
  • When leaving to prepare for the celebratory feast, Nicias tells Hesper that he cannot give her any direct aid, but if there’s anything he can do to help that would not make the king insist that her tasks are being performed by his rivals, then he will do it.
  • Hesper asks to know who the greatest thief on Stymphalos is. Nicias says he cannot provide that information, but he is friends with the Chief Magistrate of the Astropolis who is always keeping tabs on all known criminals in the system, and Nicias will introduce her to him.

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Hoseidon's Tear, Act II
The Eye of Hoseidon
  • Hesper sneaks out of of the hotel the next day with her illicit winnings, carefully avoiding the proprietor.
  • Journeying to the temple moon of Hermia, she spends some drachmas on trinkets sold by the priests and pays the requisite bribes for access to a private shrine to leave her votive of 2000 drachmas
  • Her prayer is answered when the god possesses the idol in the shrine. She gives Hesper a clue that the one she seeks to aid her can fly as swift as a falcon. Hermia takes the hand from behind her back, revealing an ancient coin, which she throws to Hesper telling her to use that to buy her passage.
  • Hesper returns to Korinthos. She decides the under city of Korinthos is a place of “eternal night” spoken of in the prophecy. There she finds a ship docked in one of the lower platforms called The Halcyon Falcon and decides she must be on the right path.
  • The captain of the ship, a Myrmidon named Solon, suggests his ship is for hire, and that it’s the fastest in the region: it can do 2.5 in the Open Sea and made the Hermian run in less than 12 parsecs! His price, however, is exorbitant. His first mate, Karbacchos, a large, fierce goregon who refuses to speak the Hellenic tongue, stands prepared to enforce the terms.
  • Hesper decides that the Myrmidon is the “one who is many” from the prophecy.
  • Hesper hands him the coin given to her by Hermia. He seems to recognize something special about the coin, questioning Hesper where she got it and if she knows how to reach “it”. She bluffs her way through the conversation and it’s agreed that he will take her in return for “the rest”, with Hesper receiving only the pearl she seeks and her first choice of one other treasure.
  • They depart soon after, and during the trip Hesper spends much time antagonizing the goregon, whom it is revealed does not like Hellenes, by making it point to make him her best friend.
  • Hesper is awakened at the end of the journey by the ship shaking violently and the power fluctuating. Racing to the bridge, she sees the ship in a holding pattern far above a vast slipspace vortex extending for as far as the eye can see. If it’s a storm, it’s the largest yet. Solon identifies it as The Eye of Hoseidon, from which none have escaped.
  • Captain Solon demands that she offer her plan of how they’ll manage to get safely into and out of the vortex. He refuses to fly his ship in without knowing her plan.
  • Hesper tells him to wait a moment, goes and opens one of the ship’s hatches and, fighting the gale force winds, walks to the prow of the ship. She waves goodbye and leaps over the side into the depths of the swirling vortex.
  • Relying on her divine gifts to see her through to her destination, she loses consciousness, only to awaken on an island of black rock somewhere in the deep void of Slipspace. The island is covered with dark black roots. She notices a few of the tendrils slowly snaking their way towards her and gets to her feet. She decides to keep moving to keep them at bay.
  • She quickly discovers that this island is a graveyard of ships. Apparently the void had been collecting them for millenia. Most are old and rusted and decayed beyond hope, overgrown with the black roots. She spies a spine of low hills bisecting the island and decides to head there.
  • She comes to a tunnel, the arch of which is overgrown with roots. At this moment, a foul cry is heard and four black winged shapes take flight from the hill above the archway. Harpies!
  • Hesper fights the Harpies, relying on her own prowess, but also using the gift Apollon gave her at the Temple Moon to dispatch them quickly.
  • Once the foul creatures have been defeated, Hesper cuts her way through the vines blocking the tunnel. To her dismay, the cut roots leak blood.
  • Inside the tunnel she finds some remains of Hellenes whose skeletons have been overgrown with the roots. The roots seem to all have grown inward towards where the heart once rested.
  • One skeleton lies where the roots could not reach. Hesper climbs up on this outcropping to investigate and is greeted by a Phasma. The Phasma relays what it can remember of it’s tale to her. When asked, it suggests the pearl she seeks may have been taken by some creatures which live here, although it can’t recall which. It begs her to take it’s remains and give them a proper Hellene burial so it may rest. She gathers it’s bones into her pack.
  • Emerging from the other side of the tunnel, Hesper finds a high point from which to view this side of the island. She spies more ships in all directions, and notably one vast, gigantic black ship in the far distance. While roots grow out of the prow of the ship, none grow on it’s surface. That is where she decides she must go.
  • Creating a makeshift torch, she decends into the depths of the black ship. The halls are overgrown with roots, like some kind of mockery of a circulatory system. More disturbingly, the walls and components of the ship seem almost organic themselves.
  • She notices the root tendrils respond to her presence, growing rapidly as she passes by, aching to reach her and making turning back difficult.
  • She spies a small creature, about the size of a cat, scurrying through the passages. She elects to follow the roots to their source.
  • As she goes deeper into the bowels of the ship, the roots become large and thick, some larger around than a man’s body, making the passage difficult. It does, however, not have as many tendrils seeking her flesh as the rest of the ship.
  • Hesper detects a hum coming from the depths of the ship: the engines are still running!
  • The Engine room shows a huge black plant has grown around the engine, no doubt for it’s warmth and the eerie light it provides. Her investigation is interrupted by a loud keening: A group of Lamia have made a nest in this area of the ship! They swarm Hesper and she desperately tries to fight off the small horrible creatures.
  • Hesper shoots one of the many vein-like conduits running to the engine, having correctly guessed it’s a promethium fuel line. Burning promethium expels out of the side of the tube.
  • Hesper grabs the tube and pulls it free, swinging on it to spray promethium all over the engine and the plant, as one of the lamia muckels onto her arm, gorging on her blood.
  • Once all the engineering room is in flames she drops to the ground. A large explosion creates a hull breech on the other side of the area. The noise sends the rest of the Lamia fleeing.
  • Hesper pulls the feasting abomination from her arm and throws it into the flames. Noticing the creatures’ reactions to the noise, she bangs her sword against a nearby console as she quickly searches their nest.
  • Finding the pearl amongst the detritus, she runs for the breech, fending Lamia off as she goes. Diving through the breech and running as fast as she could, the ship’s engines finally explode, taking the plant and the lamia with it, the shockwave sending Hesper flying.
  • She binds her wounds as best she can, and searches the ships for food and water, albeit little is found. A week is spent exploring the rock, during which her wound where the lamia suckled on her arm grows foul and decayed.
  • Eventually she finds a relatively undamaged ancient ship of unknown design with a similar interface as The Ash Spear. She learns it’s name is The Icarus and it has been here for 947 years.
  • The ship reveals it is in poor condition. It asks for confirmation that it’s captain and crew are dead. Once received and confirmed by a neural scan of Hesper’s memories, the AI states it believes it could make one final voyage, but it’s systems are minimal: a translation back to realspace might in fact cause the engines to explode. Environmental systems are also damaged: there would be no food or water during the trip!
  • Hesper takes her chances and orders the ship to take her to Stymphalos. She loses consciousness long before the ship arrives, with hunger, thirst, and a fevered infection from her festering arm causing her to be overcome.
Hoseidon's Tear, Act I
The Crossroads
  • The Calypso arrives on Dryopia. Staros says his goodbyes, telling Hesper she’s always welcome to visit him on Hippocampi.
  • Hesper and Preban have a heart-felt, tear-filled parting. Meanwhile, unknown to them both, a shrouded figure watches their exchange with great interest.
  • Hesper finds a skilled Holo-Artist to craft a starfield Holodisplay as a gift for the Oracle. He tells her it will take several days.
  • She journeys to the Temple Moon of Delphoi aboard a shuttle.
  • Once at the Temple Moon, she is directed to a semi-private shrine by a priest of Apollon, where she leaves her votive offering of Lamachus’ spear and dedicates her victory over the formerly undefeated Goregon to the god. Apollon is greatly pleased by her supplication, and gives her a mighty blessing.
  • Hesper asks of a priest when she may see the Oracle. He informs her that it would be some months before there is an opening… just then a messenger arrives and informs the priest that the Oracle has requested Hesper come before her tomorrow.
  • Returning to the planet, Hesper manages to convince the holo-artist, with some effort, to finish the work in time for her visit to the Oracle the next day.
  • Hesper secures passage to Korinthos as a guard for a merchant vessel that is leaving in two days.
  • Visiting a taverna, Hesper gets “dung-faced” drunk. She awakens the next day with a pounding headache and 200 drachmas gone from her purse.
  • The sudden realization that she only has time to either make it to the shuttle OR pick up the Oracle’s gift, not both, sends her into a frenzy of activity.
  • Hesper quickly disguises herself, and steals a landcar. The owner comes out just as she’s pulling away, calling for the polissos.
  • Speeding through the idyllic streets of Dryopia, she manages to retrieve the holodisplay and speed back to the space port
  • Arriving in the space port by car, just as the shuttle doors are starting to close and the shuttle lifting off, and the polissos in close pursuit, Hesper leaps from the speeding car, grabs the rising landing platform, and flips herself inside the door.
  • The Priests on Delphoi present Hesper and her gift to the Oracle. The Oracle does not speak except to give Hesper a Prophecy .
  • Hesper decides that the first couplet refers to Korinthos, where her next planned stop was anyways, and decides to visit the Taverna again before leaving the next day, trusting her disguise would protect her from the polissos.
  • In the Taverna, Hesper discovers she has made far more friends than she remembers. Her attempts to resist a repeat of the previous evening fail miserably.
  • A hung-over Hesper awakens in a jail cell. She is uncertain what transpired the previous night, but a guard informs her it involved her new friends, three goats, and a stolen car.
  • Realizing she will miss her flight, Hesper offers a prayer to Hermia and relies on her divine gift. Shortly after, the captain of the merchant vessel decides to bail her out “despite my better judgment”. He remains unsure why he bothered, but felt she was worth the trouble. The Magistrate is all too happy to see Hesper leave the planet.
  • The ship encounters no trouble en route to Korinthos, and in fact makes excellent time, outpacing other ships. The captain and crew of Fortune’s Favor decide Hesper is good luck.
  • Arriving on Korinthos, Hesper is dazzled by the lights, bustle, and cosmopolitan populace of the world-city. Finding a gambling establishment that meets her approval, she schmoozes her way into a high stakes game. Carefully cheating while flirting with the proprietor earns her many drachmas.
  • The proprietor insists she take the finest suite they have and remain as their guest. He also personally delivers an Amphora of wine to her suite, sharing it with her. Hesper manages to rebuff his advances and retires for the night…
A Legacy of Ash, Act 3
Ashes to Ashes
  • The Heroes arrive at the coordinates and lay eyes on a massive ship, the size of a space station.
  • Beneath the ship, a very large Slipspace storm churns, gaining intensity.
  • After docking with one of the massive ship’s docking moors, they find The Callypso’s doors already open, and the machina gone.
  • Preban and Hesper pry open one of the doors and enter the mysterious vessel.
  • Inside, hundreds of first-age Machina lie dormant or powered down.
  • After finding the bridge some decks up, they spy Seras 743 outside on the hull, a communications dish protruding from his back.
  • Hesper sits in the command chair and discovers the ship uses a neural interface and speaks in an alpha-numeric code. She is nearly overwhelmed by the ship, but manages to keep her wits about her and engage in communication with the ship.
  • The ship identifies itself as The Ash Spear. Through conversation, Hesper learns that a command lock out was initiated by Strago nearly 1000 years ago!
  • Staros tells Hesper by commlink that the Hellene and Zoran fleets have both arrived.
  • Klekus and Strago-481 both hail The Ash Spear and demand the ship be turned over to them.
  • Hesper and Preban go to seek the engine room, while Klekus and Ikari send shuttles of troops to The Ash Spear.
  • A band of hoplites who serve Klekus, and a band of Zoran Infantry, accompanied by Lamachus and Durga all arrive in pursuit, entering the Engine Room from the deck above Preban and Hesper.
  • Lamachus demands his spear back and drops the the ground to engage Hesper, even as Preban leaps up to face Durga.
  • Durga’s Dynamism is no match for Preban’s martial skills, and Durga shields himself and attempts to flee, while Preban pursues
  • A mighty battle between Lamachus and Hesper ensues, with the Hellene being more nimble but no where as strong as the powerful Goregon warrior. None-the-less, the battle rages, and collateral damage causes fuel pipes to explode and catwalks to rupture and twist. Hesper uses this to her advantage.
  • The Goregon manages to catch Hesper in his powerful arms, and seems intent on crushing her to death.
  • Preban returns, and hurls his sword into Lamachus’ back, then leaps on him, getting the goregon in a choke-hold, forcing him to drop Hesper to the ground.
  • Hesper runs Lamachus through with her sword, and then stabs him a second time for good measure. She and Preban position Prometheum tanks around the engines.
  • Preban hurls a grenade into the Prometheum tanks as he and Hesper run.
  • Hesper is thrown by the explosion to her feet, as the vessel rocks with the force of the explosion. The ship begins to tip and sink into slipspace.
  • Hesper witnesses Ikari and Kelkus engaged in a fierce single combat, their Aether weapons clashing noisily. She is unable to witness the outcome, as the rapidly sinking ship is threatening to bring The Calypso down with it.
  • Outside, the storm has reached the ship, and gale-force winds force Hesper to cling to the rails, as she witnesses a third force close in: A Machina Fleet, including a massive Talos! They engage both sides.
  • As the Calypso breaks free of it’s moorings, The Ash Spear seems aimed at the heart of the storm. Massive secondary explosions erupt on it’s hull.
  • Klekus’ fleet flees the engagement, leaving the Zorans to face the Machina alone. The heroes surmise Klekus is either dead, or has been abandoned by his men.
  • The Calypso escapes, albeit with heavy damage. They set course for Dryopia.
  • Staros reveals his intention to retire to the colony moon of Hippocampi. He will bring the frozen colonists with him, and offer them a new life.
  • Hermia elects to appear to Hesper while she and Preban are in a compromising position in Preban’s quarters, much to Hesper’s discomfort. Hermia imparts some advice to Hesper and gives her a new divine gift: the ability to always know the value of any object she touches.
  • The next day, Preban reluctantly announces his intention to seek out Prince Ikari, if he yet lives, as he still feels responsible to the Zoran Prince. He also mentions some back pay he is owed. None the less, he says he is sure that their paths will cross again…
A Legacy of Ash, Act 2
The Madness of Klekus
  • The entire Zoran fleet appears in Slipspace in pursuit of The Calypso.
  • Staros the Wayfarer plunges the ship into the Deep Void, and flies directly into a slipspace storm, believing the Zorans would not be so foolish as to follow them.
  • The ship is buffeted by the storm and Staros loses all control. By the time the ship is free of the storm, they are several parsecs from their previous location, with the ship damaged.
  • Staros identifies two possible ports of call they could reach to repair their damage, which would be necessary in order to make the trip back to Pherai. Hesperselects The Goat’s Horn, a former luxury cruiseship that is now a space station used by pirates and scoundrels. It will take them several days to reach it
  • Staros is doubtful of the story the Zoran slave told Hesper, and says that they will confront Klekus about it when they return.
  • Hesper decides to awaken Pendar to question him. When he awakes, he does nothing but repeat an alpha numeric code. Hesper makes note of it and puts him back into stasis.
  • Hesper decides to “investigate” (i.e. appropriate) some of the artifacts they retrieved. She quickly learns that none of them appear special, all are mundane items and could not be mistaken for godly gifts by anyone.
  • Staros identifies the code as a set of slipspace coordinates. They’re somewhere in the Aegean Solar Sea.
  • Upon arriving on The Goat’s Horn, they look for aid in repairing their ship, which is found in the form of a clunky and loquacious machina named Seras 743.
  • While repairs are under way, Hesper spends some time gambling with the ne’er-do-wells and scum aboard the station. Along the way, she learns the Zorans have broadcast a message offering a substantial price on her head. It’s likely the Zorans are aware of where she is by now.
  • Once the ship is repaired, She and Staros go aboard the station to get their last hot meal for a few weeks. Hesper is approached by a prostitute named Sibyl. She inquires about Pendar, claiming he was a pilot and scout well known in these parts, and her lover.
  • Hesper learns that Klekus had come to The Goat’s Horn some months ago, demanding conscripts for his war, or he would destroy the station. Pendar volunteered. He had told Sibyl in a letter that he was sent to find a great weapon from the First Age for Klekus deep in slipspace, and once he had found it, he would be home soon after.
  • As Hesper takes in this new information, two of the Prince’s mercenary heroes, Far Reaching Preban and Euphemia the Goldenskinned enter with a small contingent of Zoran soldiers.
  • Preban demands Hesper’s surrender. Knowing that Preban helped to frame her for murder, he would be unlikely to let her live long enough to tell the prince the truth. She refuses.
  • Preban is delighted with her choice and combat ensues. Preban and his soldiers keep Staros and Hesper hard pressed, while Euphemia uses her oratory skills to bolster the courage and effectiveness of Preban and his men.
  • Hesper uses some Krokus to silence Euphemia, while Preban skewers Staros.
  • Hesper goads Preban for fighting her in full armor, as she wears none. He strips naked in response, and raises the stakes by also casting his weapons aside.
  • Hesper does likewise and the two engage in a wrestling match
  • Both heroes are a difficult match for the other, and the battle rages throughout the taverna.
  • Ultimately, Hesper is victorious, only just barely, and she renders Preban unconscious.
  • Staros recovers from unconsciousness, still badly injured, but alive.
  • Hesper uses Euphemia’s suggestive state to convince her to work together to bring Prince Ikari and Klekus together. Should the two men face one another, then the war can be brought to an end.
  • Hesper gives Euphemia the coordinates as well. They agree to try to bring both fleets there, using the weapon as bait. Hesper would race to get there before either side, and destroy the weapon.
  • Hesper and Staros leave The Goat’s Horn in all due haste, as Euphemia confirms that the Zoran fleet is not far behind her and Preban. Hesper takes the unconscious Preban back to the ship with her, and inserts him in a cryotube.
  • The Calypso receives an urgent message from Klekus: his fleet is on the move, heading their way. They are to fly out to meet him with all haste.
  • Upon reaching the Hellene fleet in slipspace, they moor the Calypso to the command ship. Klekus has The Calypso searched, and when Pendar is found, he orders all the other items – including the colonists – to be thrown overboard. Staros and Hesper both balk at this, and demand the cryotubes be turned over to them. Klekus sours, but agrees.
  • He then pays Hesper only two thirds what he promised her, claiming she was late, and did not deserve full payment.
  • A silver-skinned Machina arrives to take Pendar below decks. He uses a strange technological helmet to silence and control the young man.
  • Hesper confronts Klekus with his history with Ikari. Klekus brushes it off, saying that the Zoran only wants vengeance for some “zoran whore” while he, Klekus, has grander ambitions.
  • Klekus declares that once he as the weapon, which he calls “The Ash Spear”, he will destroy Ikari and then proceed to claim his destiny as Ruler of the Known Worlds!
  • Staros declares Klekus as mad. Klekus dismisses them both, saying they may do what they wish, as long as they stay out of his way.
  • Staros and Hesper leave immediately on The Calypso, flying as deep in Slipspace as they dare, in a mad dash to find the Ash Spear before either Klekus or Ikari do.
  • Hesper decides that the stakes are high enough that she needs to risk waking Preban and trying to convince him to help.
  • The awakened Preban is found to be both affable and very mercenary. He agrees he _could _ help, provided he is adequately compensated. Hesper promises him spoils, but his tone and the glint in his eye indicates he would prefer something other than money from the Hellene…
A Legacy of Ash, Act I
The Zoran Prince
  • Hesper, Queen of Thieves is relaxing on a trade station orbiting Kalydon.
  • She brags to the crowd of her recent escape, relating her tale to the drunken pilots and merchants, winning a round of free drinks
  • After winning a few rounds of winning (and cheating) at dice, Hesper is approached by a man who overheard her tale named Staros the Wayfarer
  • He reveals he works for a Warlord, Long-Armed Klekus, from the Pherai system. He had been sent out to find a hero capable of recovering some items taken by the Zoran Prince Ikari the Golden-Eyed in a recent battle. Hesper’s tale impressed him that she could recover the items even if the ransom went poorly.
  • They traveled to Pherai, and met Klekus aboard his command ship. He provided Hesper with a list of items, both artifacts that were gifts from the gods, as well as 12 colonists in cryo-tubes he wished freed.
  • Amongst the colonists was a farmer named Pendar. Klekus impressed that his recovery was essential, and she need not return if she did not have him with her.
  • After arriving at the location of the Zoran Fleet, their ship is escorted to Prince Ikari’s command ship. Staros remains with his ship, The Calypso, as Hesper goes to meet the Zorans.
  • She is warmly greeted by Fleet Archon Emus, who takes her to receive refreshments and provides a servant to wash her feet and oil her hair in preparation for her meeting with the Prince.
  • The Prince likewise greets her warmly, but visibly sours whenever Klekus’ name is mentioned. He drives a hard bargain for the items on Klekus’ list, but to Hesper’s surprise, agrees to everything, albeit at a very high price.
  • The Prince has in his court five mercenary heroes, including a machina strategos!
  • Prince Ikari insists Hesper feast with him, and she entertains the prince with a display of her Pankration skills, besting Keen-Armed Lamachus in a wrestling match.
  • After the feast, the Prince offers one of his servants to attend Hesper. From him, she learns Klekus and Ikari were once great friends, until during a visit to Troy, Klekus raped Ikari’s wife, Astar. She committed suicide shortly afterwards, and Ikari has sworn vengeance.
  • The next day, as Hesper is leaving, she is accosted by Emus and the Machina, Strago-481, and is questioned in detail about the items they have taken aboard, especially Pendar.
  • The confrontation is revealed to be a ruse and an ambush, as Strago murders Emus, and the other four mercenary heros spring from hiding places and attack Hesper, loudly accusing her of killing the Fleet Archon.
  • Hesper uses her acrobatic prowess to disarm Lamachus of his spear, which she keeps as a trophy, and makes good her escape to her ship.
  • The ship is pursued by Zoran fighters, but Hesper is able to hold them off at The Calypso’s weapon console long enough for Staros to make the translation to Slipspace, but the Zorans are right behind them…
A New Age Dawns...
Hellas Is A Go.

With Hellfrost on Indefinite Standby, the next game I’m going to be running is Hellas.
Start Date: TBD.
Players: TBD.
Accepting player applications now.

This is what HELLAS has to Offer

  • 9 different player races
  • A lifepath system that helps flesh out and realize a character
  • A ton of reasons to yell “THIS IS SPARTA!”
  • A system for attaining renown and glory
  • Cool spaceships
  • Panthalassa: The Cosmic All Sea
  • Naked people with spears and swords
  • Pankration
  • A game world that is familiar enough to be recognizable but alien enough to provide room for adventure
  • Lots of Greek words horribly mangled by an ugly American
  • 14 Gods
  • An excuse to watch all your favorite Hercules and Xena episodes
  • Sandals!
  • A reason to say “It’s all Greek to me” when you can’t find a rule.
  • A simple mechanic for players to participate in changing their game environment
  • A bestiary full of adversaries to kill in the face
  • Goat meat!

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