Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone

A Legacy of Ash, Act 3

Ashes to Ashes

  • The Heroes arrive at the coordinates and lay eyes on a massive ship, the size of a space station.
  • Beneath the ship, a very large Slipspace storm churns, gaining intensity.
  • After docking with one of the massive ship’s docking moors, they find The Callypso’s doors already open, and the machina gone.
  • Preban and Hesper pry open one of the doors and enter the mysterious vessel.
  • Inside, hundreds of first-age Machina lie dormant or powered down.
  • After finding the bridge some decks up, they spy Seras 743 outside on the hull, a communications dish protruding from his back.
  • Hesper sits in the command chair and discovers the ship uses a neural interface and speaks in an alpha-numeric code. She is nearly overwhelmed by the ship, but manages to keep her wits about her and engage in communication with the ship.
  • The ship identifies itself as The Ash Spear. Through conversation, Hesper learns that a command lock out was initiated by Strago nearly 1000 years ago!
  • Staros tells Hesper by commlink that the Hellene and Zoran fleets have both arrived.
  • Klekus and Strago-481 both hail The Ash Spear and demand the ship be turned over to them.
  • Hesper and Preban go to seek the engine room, while Klekus and Ikari send shuttles of troops to The Ash Spear.
  • A band of hoplites who serve Klekus, and a band of Zoran Infantry, accompanied by Lamachus and Durga all arrive in pursuit, entering the Engine Room from the deck above Preban and Hesper.
  • Lamachus demands his spear back and drops the the ground to engage Hesper, even as Preban leaps up to face Durga.
  • Durga’s Dynamism is no match for Preban’s martial skills, and Durga shields himself and attempts to flee, while Preban pursues
  • A mighty battle between Lamachus and Hesper ensues, with the Hellene being more nimble but no where as strong as the powerful Goregon warrior. None-the-less, the battle rages, and collateral damage causes fuel pipes to explode and catwalks to rupture and twist. Hesper uses this to her advantage.
  • The Goregon manages to catch Hesper in his powerful arms, and seems intent on crushing her to death.
  • Preban returns, and hurls his sword into Lamachus’ back, then leaps on him, getting the goregon in a choke-hold, forcing him to drop Hesper to the ground.
  • Hesper runs Lamachus through with her sword, and then stabs him a second time for good measure. She and Preban position Prometheum tanks around the engines.
  • Preban hurls a grenade into the Prometheum tanks as he and Hesper run.
  • Hesper is thrown by the explosion to her feet, as the vessel rocks with the force of the explosion. The ship begins to tip and sink into slipspace.
  • Hesper witnesses Ikari and Kelkus engaged in a fierce single combat, their Aether weapons clashing noisily. She is unable to witness the outcome, as the rapidly sinking ship is threatening to bring The Calypso down with it.
  • Outside, the storm has reached the ship, and gale-force winds force Hesper to cling to the rails, as she witnesses a third force close in: A Machina Fleet, including a massive Talos! They engage both sides.
  • As the Calypso breaks free of it’s moorings, The Ash Spear seems aimed at the heart of the storm. Massive secondary explosions erupt on it’s hull.
  • Klekus’ fleet flees the engagement, leaving the Zorans to face the Machina alone. The heroes surmise Klekus is either dead, or has been abandoned by his men.
  • The Calypso escapes, albeit with heavy damage. They set course for Dryopia.
  • Staros reveals his intention to retire to the colony moon of Hippocampi. He will bring the frozen colonists with him, and offer them a new life.
  • Hermia elects to appear to Hesper while she and Preban are in a compromising position in Preban’s quarters, much to Hesper’s discomfort. Hermia imparts some advice to Hesper and gives her a new divine gift: the ability to always know the value of any object she touches.
  • The next day, Preban reluctantly announces his intention to seek out Prince Ikari, if he yet lives, as he still feels responsible to the Zoran Prince. He also mentions some back pay he is owed. None the less, he says he is sure that their paths will cross again…


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