Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone

Hoseidon's Tear, Act I

The Crossroads

  • The Calypso arrives on Dryopia. Staros says his goodbyes, telling Hesper she’s always welcome to visit him on Hippocampi.
  • Hesper and Preban have a heart-felt, tear-filled parting. Meanwhile, unknown to them both, a shrouded figure watches their exchange with great interest.
  • Hesper finds a skilled Holo-Artist to craft a starfield Holodisplay as a gift for the Oracle. He tells her it will take several days.
  • She journeys to the Temple Moon of Delphoi aboard a shuttle.
  • Once at the Temple Moon, she is directed to a semi-private shrine by a priest of Apollon, where she leaves her votive offering of Lamachus’ spear and dedicates her victory over the formerly undefeated Goregon to the god. Apollon is greatly pleased by her supplication, and gives her a mighty blessing.
  • Hesper asks of a priest when she may see the Oracle. He informs her that it would be some months before there is an opening… just then a messenger arrives and informs the priest that the Oracle has requested Hesper come before her tomorrow.
  • Returning to the planet, Hesper manages to convince the holo-artist, with some effort, to finish the work in time for her visit to the Oracle the next day.
  • Hesper secures passage to Korinthos as a guard for a merchant vessel that is leaving in two days.
  • Visiting a taverna, Hesper gets “dung-faced” drunk. She awakens the next day with a pounding headache and 200 drachmas gone from her purse.
  • The sudden realization that she only has time to either make it to the shuttle OR pick up the Oracle’s gift, not both, sends her into a frenzy of activity.
  • Hesper quickly disguises herself, and steals a landcar. The owner comes out just as she’s pulling away, calling for the polissos.
  • Speeding through the idyllic streets of Dryopia, she manages to retrieve the holodisplay and speed back to the space port
  • Arriving in the space port by car, just as the shuttle doors are starting to close and the shuttle lifting off, and the polissos in close pursuit, Hesper leaps from the speeding car, grabs the rising landing platform, and flips herself inside the door.
  • The Priests on Delphoi present Hesper and her gift to the Oracle. The Oracle does not speak except to give Hesper a Prophecy .
  • Hesper decides that the first couplet refers to Korinthos, where her next planned stop was anyways, and decides to visit the Taverna again before leaving the next day, trusting her disguise would protect her from the polissos.
  • In the Taverna, Hesper discovers she has made far more friends than she remembers. Her attempts to resist a repeat of the previous evening fail miserably.
  • A hung-over Hesper awakens in a jail cell. She is uncertain what transpired the previous night, but a guard informs her it involved her new friends, three goats, and a stolen car.
  • Realizing she will miss her flight, Hesper offers a prayer to Hermia and relies on her divine gift. Shortly after, the captain of the merchant vessel decides to bail her out “despite my better judgment”. He remains unsure why he bothered, but felt she was worth the trouble. The Magistrate is all too happy to see Hesper leave the planet.
  • The ship encounters no trouble en route to Korinthos, and in fact makes excellent time, outpacing other ships. The captain and crew of Fortune’s Favor decide Hesper is good luck.
  • Arriving on Korinthos, Hesper is dazzled by the lights, bustle, and cosmopolitan populace of the world-city. Finding a gambling establishment that meets her approval, she schmoozes her way into a high stakes game. Carefully cheating while flirting with the proprietor earns her many drachmas.
  • The proprietor insists she take the finest suite they have and remain as their guest. He also personally delivers an Amphora of wine to her suite, sharing it with her. Hesper manages to rebuff his advances and retires for the night…


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