Baitulos The Pretender

Master of Disguise


When ousted from home and wanting to become more than she was, the name Baitulos the Pretender instantly came to Hesper’s mind. He was a singular scoundrel – legendary for coming and going from his exploits unseen. The foremost Master of Disguise, she knew that in order to meet her full potential, she needed to seek his training, but there was one problem:

Baitulos was imprisoned on the inescapable prison planet of Olenos. Still, the determined rogue didn’t let that stop her. On the planet of Ellis, she saw to it that she was captured and sentenced to the toxic world. She spent the next year winning over the recluse who had refused to entertain any visitors, and over the next three he found new life again as he spoke of his past glories. It became quite clear the two had once been birds of a feather, and in the end the teacher was most proud of his student.

When she left him, as all on Olenos were amazed she managed it, Batulos was an old man, and more unwell than he had let on. While she had offered to take him with her, he’d begun to feel his time was growing short. Still, he was thankful she’d come for his final years, and that his knowledge will not end with him.

Baitulos The Pretender

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