Euphemia the Goldenskinned


Hesper, Queen of Thieves, met Euphemia the Goldenskinned while on a mission to her then-employer Prince Ikari the Golden-Eyed. At first, she was wary of the Orator who could make a Prince weep simply by telling a story, but she managed to outfox her on The Goat’s Horn when she and Far-Reaching Preban were sent to collect her for the murder of Fleet Archon Emus.

When she broke into glorious tales to turn the tide of battle, Hesper took a dose of krokus in her mouth and dove at Euphemia, kissing her and dosing her. She quickly, and effectively, convinced her of her undying love and left her smiling and ineffective while she returned to battle.

During a steamy evening, she convinced Euphemia that she wanted what was best for Prince Ikari, that she was framed, and further of her plan to end the war and bring the Prince and Long-Armed Klekus together to duel.

Hesper has not seen her since that delightful night together, but she does know that she came through for her…

Euphemia the Goldenskinned

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