Far-Reaching Preben

Zoran Immortal


Hesper, Queen of Thieves met Far-Reaching Preban while on a mission to his then-employer Prince Ikari the Golden-Eyed. She didn’t interact with him until until he and Euphemia the Goldenskinned were sent to apprehend her on The Goat’s Horn.

The two entered into an epic, naked, bare-fisted battle in which she finally emerged the victor.
He was placed in stasus until she realized she needed him for her plan to destroy Long-Armed Klekus’ weapon and bring he and Prince Ikari together to duel.

Upon waking him, the game of who could seduce who was on and by the time they destroyed the Ashen Spear, it was clear they had both won.

He had stayed a month with her on the Calypso, and as much as both preferred he remain, his responsibility to Prince Ikari demanded he return to make sure of his well-being.

Staros the Wayfarer dropped the two off at Dryopia, where they made a difficult and tearful farewell. If the Fates will it, he said, they would be together again.

He has yet to know it, but fate has already put their message in motion; during the journey to steal the Sword of Odysseos, Hesper realized she was with child…

Far-Reaching Preben

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