Hesper, Queen of Thieves

Hellene Scoundrel, Favored of Hermia



INT: 2 --PER: 2 --CHA: 2 --STR: 0 --CON: 1——DEX: 1 --SPD: 2 --WIL: 1



Tyche: Force reroll # times will score (Min 1)
Walking in my Shoes: 1 x week can always get where going
Get the Balance Right: Know value of object on touch + bonus info on PER roll.


Wealthy (Lost wealth until completes trials, see biography)
Danger Sense
Social Chameleon
2 Weapon Defense
Naturally Charming


Command 6————————Lore: Tactics 4
Etiquette: Hellene 5——-Diplomacy 6
Appraise 3———————-Deception 5
Deduce Motives 5————-Disable Mechanism 6
Forgery 3————————Gamble 6
Seduction 8———————Slight of Hand 6
Profession: Scoundrel 6—Disguise 5
Weapon: Lg Blades 5———Pankration 6
Parry 5—————————Evade 7
Weapon: Sm Blades 4———Acrobatics 4


I’m Hesper, the Queen of Thieves. I wasn’t always so called, but I’ve finally earned who I am.

I’m the proud daughter of a soldier. Kalliphon was his name – the best man in the universe, and loyal warrior of Areson. He held me and played with me and taught me to fight. My brother, Phaedros, walked in his shoes, but I remember him speaking of deeper things I was too small to understand then and perhaps might be too lively for now. Still, I knew then and know now how they loved me.

I was all too aware, even so young, of the King’s visitations with my mother, and on the night my father died – the night I also watched my brother cut down by a man wearing the King’s colors, even I at the age of five knew something was terribly wrong. However, I was just a child, and they were married within days; I couldn’t begin to question. …but I do.

Within months, my young brother, Ariston, was born – the one person who would come to hate me more than anyone in the universe, though I still can’t imagine why. Every moment I recall of our time growing up together was of his contempt.

I lived as a noble, or I tried to, and as I did I spent a great deal of time on Sparta, eventually putting in for gladiatorial combat and winning second place. The news of this spread back home, and my presence was requested… for morale, I heard, and so I returned. However, my brother, now 16, was furious with jealousy, and he would have my head for upstaging him in front of his planet. He was a warrior, and he intended to prove it by besting me. Of course, this was about the silliest thing I’d heard, and so I did the best I could so parry his blows and stop the poor boy from harming himself (he never was meant to be a warrior).

He tried to fight me across our estate floor and when he lunged, I dodged… not realizing the flight of stairs behind me. I tried to grab his arm, but it was too late. I ran to his side as servants and nobles gathered, immediately assuming the worst. I’ll never forget the look on his face before he lost consciousness; it was as if to say, “I will see you dead, no matter the cost.”

Ariston has not been able to walk since, and my Step-Father, the King, stripped me of all of my wealth, disowned me, and banished me from the capitol until I complete three impossible tasks.
1) Retrieve Hoseidon’s Tear from the depths of the Korinthos Rift and return it to my mother, Queen Delphinia.
2) Retrieve and return the blood of the Lernaean Hydra to cure my brother, Far-Reaching Ariston.
3) Retrieve 108 feathers, 36 of each color, from Stymphalion birds – without either capturing or harming them, and taking only one feather per bird, as an offering from King Agrios to the gods.

At first I had no intention of doing these things. I left home angry and ready to be nothing but a thorn in King Agrios’ side, but then something interesting happened: Hermia spoke to me. She told me that I carried the blood of a god, and that she favored me. It’s then that I didn’t just think, but it was confirmed that I was more than everyone around me. I could do the impossible; all I had to do was dare. …and so I did.

If I was going to be a thief, a thief of legends, I was going to have to learn from the best, and so I traveled to Ellis with a mind to start trouble. Once there, though, I was sidetracked by a caravan beset upon by pirates and became well known for running 10 of them through with one spear. It was during a drunken, libidinous celebration of that very same event that I started a fight with the law of the planet and ensured by life sentence on the inescapable prison planet of Olenos.

It was there, on the uninhabitable rock, that I knew I would find Baitulos The Pretender, Master of Disguise. There had been no thief before him more successful or more legendary, and therefore no thief worthy of training me.

People lived like animals beneath the surface, and I left many convicts dead at first. However, once I discovered the keys to the Master’s heart, we two were teacher and pupil, inseparable in our nearly civilized microcosm. For nearly three years, we stole what we needed and passed unnoticed, and when it came time for me to go, he said he was proud.

Everyone said I was crazy when I said I would leave Olenos, but if there were anything that would prove I was the Queen of Thieves, that would be it. Of course, everyone didn’t know what I knew – the one thing I have that few do…

After saying my farewells, and praying for travel to Hermia, I made my way to the toxic surface, and as luck would have it a ship had crashed right before my feet. Passengers had stepped out of a door and calling to me for help as other, vile prisoners, began rushing toward them. I called for a sword, and once I felt the blade in my hand, it was moments until the ship was safe and thankful… happy to carry me away.

It seems they had been blown far off course and had no idea where they were.

I’ve just reached Kalydon, and I can’t wait to tell my tale with a drink in each hand and a whore on each arm. It’s time the galaxy heard my name… even if I have to be the first to sing it’s praises. This is only the beginning.

(Visit the Adventure Log for the full record of her deeds from beginning to present, as well as the Character listing to see a current account of who she’s met and how she’s interacted with them – friends, enemies, family, rivals and lovers. While not a focus, there may occasionally be in-character letters, poems, or short stories in the forum as well.)

Hesper, Queen of Thieves

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