King Agrios

King of Stymphalos and Step-Father of Hesper, Queen of Thieves


There may have been a time when Hesper, Queen of Thieves, was fond of King Agrios, but it was when she was very young and her father still lived. That time has passed.

She knew he came to visit her mother, the wife of a soldier, often before the murder of her father and brother, and just as soon as legally possible after she became his wife. Even as a child, she resented him for this, but as she grew older she began to wonder if he had not had her father killed.

She never revealed her suspicions, however, but remained distant from her Step-Father, even leaving to Sparta as soon as she was able to train. When she won second place in the Gladiatorial combat, however, it was a thing of celebration, and he called her back home. Not long after her return, when the celebration ebbed, the tragedy of Far-Seeing Ariston occurred.

Furious and disappointed in an only son that would never walk, fight, or be of any real use again, the King, even at the Queen’s protestations, banished Hesper from the capitol, stripped her wealth, and issued her impossible tasks… knowing she would never be seen again.

But she was.

Hesper last saw him during her last visit to Stymphalos, a visit which obviously displeased him, but his dictates dictate he celebrate. He distanced himself from her, went through the motions, and his every word seemed a veiled hint to be on her way. Her approval of the people soured him further and her success at the Triathalon exasperated him even moreso, as he cast aside all propriety by giving the prize to a servant to present her. She has every expectation he will attempt to sabotage her efforts now. The question is, will he wait until Ariston is cured or not?

King Agrios

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