Long-Armed Klekus

Basileus of Pherai


Long-Armed Klekus sent messengers far and wide looking for a hero to do what seemed like a simple task: retrieve stolen people and goods from his nemesis, the Zoran Prince Ikari the Golden-Eyed.
Staros the Wayfarer found Hesper, Queen of Thieves, having just escaped the impossible prison of Olenos, answered the call.

It wasn’t long before she discovered that he was a madman, obsessed with what he believed was a destiny to dominate the known worlds. He had used her to retrieve one man, in a midst of other cyrogenically frozen people and (what she discovered were) counterfeit relics of the gods, all for the location of a weapon which he knew would help him accomplish his aims.

After she’d heard the story of how he’d raped the beloved of Prince Ikari and begun their war, she’d already began to reconsider her position towards the man, but when he shorted her on her pay, and intended to throw everything and every_one_ but his prize overboard, she opted to join forces with Euphemia the Goldenskinned and Far-Reaching Pheban to see to it Ikari had his revenge.

When she last saw Long-Armed Klekus, he and Prince Ikari were dueling aboard the Ash Spear, though shortly after Klekus’ men routed; she assumes this is due to news of their leader’s death.

Long-Armed Klekus

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