Far-Seeing Ariston

Half Brother and Enemy of Hesper, Queen of Thieves


Hesper, Queen of Thieves, doesn’t understand why her half-brother despises her so. Ever since he was born, she loved him and did her best to be there for him.

Still, the way he sees things, he grew up in her shadow. With immense pressure from his father to be a better warrior than she was, yet simply lacking the talent, he seethed with every passing day until his anger surpassed his reason. When words reached the family of her success in the gladiatorial arena, his father made a derisive comment about how it seems Ariston will never achieve such an accomplishment. At that point, he knew what he had to do.

The roar of the Stymphalion crowds, and adulation of his parents, only fueled his fire as he approached her in the great, darkened hall after the festivities. He meant for her to die, and thus regain the pride of his father, but that was denied him. He fought wildly, and she evaded his blows deftly – attempting to talking him out of his course of action.

His final lunge, however, sent him down a flight of stairs. She grasped for him, but it happened far too fast. Quickly, she ran to his side and tried to assist, but his last expression, before passing out, was one of mocking, intense hatred.

He has since been confined to a hoverchair, and the last time she saw him was when she was being banished from Symphalos for the incident. He did not look up, but simply stared coldly ahead.

Hesper last saw him during her last visit to Stymphalos when she’d gone to return Hoseidon’s Tear. She visited his room in hopes of convincing him of her sincere intention to cure him and make things right, but all she found was a man intent on taking everything from her and making her suffer – unwilling to discuss anything else.


Far-Seeing Ariston

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