Prince Ikari the Golden-Eyed


Hesper, Queen of Thieves, was hired by Prince Ikari the Golden-Eyed’s hated enemy to retrieve items and people from him. However, while she was there, she impressed him by besting one of his undefeated mercenaries. Likewise, he earned her respect and admiration when she learned of his great love, and how he’d been wronged by his Hellene nemesis, Long-Armed Klekus. Thus, she vowed to arrange for them to duel.

She is currently unaware of, but concerned about, Prince Ikari’s status; she last saw he and his adversary dueling on a catwalk below as it plunged into the storm. Far-Reaching Preben has left to find out.

Should he have survived, he would no doubt remember her loyal actions.

Prince Ikari the Golden-Eyed

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