Queen Delphinia

Queen of Stymphalos and Mother of Hesper, Queen of Thieves


Queen Delphinia is non-commital when it comes to how she became the king’s wife; it seems to be a question she doesn’t want to answer. It may not be for the reason her daughter, Herper, Queen of Thieves, suspects, however. None-the-less, the time she spent with King Agrios while married to her soldier-husband Kalliphon, the murder of both her and her son, Phaedros, and immediate marriage to the King is a series of events she prefers to brush over with evasive words.

The Queen seems just that; stately, but behind that is a sorrow only few see. She’s a dutiful wife and it’s in that duty that she finds a semblance of peace. And, in her position, she finds she can help others where perhaps she felt unable to help her own. So, while some whisper in concern over recent actions of the king, many people of Stymphalos have grown to love his Queen for her charity.

She hadn’t always given so much to her people, though.

She, a common woman, had been given an enormous estate, but it seemed like a prison after a time. Her daughter, though they remained close (being all they had left), suspected something she could not reveal and never fully trusted her. A king, who once treated her like a jewel, grew cold and distant, and her son likewise. When her Hesper was sent away, she felt there was nothing left for her, until one evening when she’d accidentally cut herself and by chance saw her reflection in the mirror:

From she saw her handprints on her white gown, she knew what she had to do. She was, after all, Queen, and her people needed her.

Hesper last saw her during her last visit to Stymphalos where the lonely Queen enjoyed as much company with her daughter as propriety allowed and gracefully tiptoed between she and her husband when the crowds cheered at Hesper’s successes. There, she tried desperately to convince her not to continue her final labors, to no avail. Apparently, she said, Hesper was as “stubborn as her father”. She left on better terms with her mother than when she’d arrived, but the question still lingers…

Queen Delphinia

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