Senator Tryphena of Sparta


Thirteen years ago a Noble Hesper was the darling of the moment on Sparta – charismatic, capable and on her way to winning the games; she had her pick of lovers and for a while she chose Senator Tryphena’s children. In that time, she became familiar with their mother and observed unofficial life outside Senate halls. The proud Senator had just won her appointment when she came into their lives, and, when it was over, well… all Hesper will say, with a smirk, is “it didn’t end well”.

The Senator has never forgiven her for whatever transpired, but no doubt left it far in the past. However, now, as Hesper, the Queen of Thieves, plans to pose as her to pull off the greatest heist in galactic history: stealing the Sword of Odysseos from Ellis injury will no doubt inflame the old insult.


Senator Tryphena of Sparta

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