Staros the Wayfarer


Staros the Wayfarer was hired to find a hero for his then-employer Long-Armed Klekus; it was a task that took him far off course. However, when he saw the lively scoundrel Hesper, Queen of Thieves, standing on the bar, bragging of her recent escape from the inescapable prison of Olenos, he knew he’d found the right person for the job.

In the five months they spent, first working for Klekus, then for his nemesis Prince Ikari the Golden-Eyed, he’s seen her gambling, drinking, whoring, cunning, and ultimately heroic ways, and through their adventures together, the two have become close friends.

While he was once a great hero, and, were he a younger man, would love to join her on her crazy quests, he now feels it’s time to settle down with his family on the colony planet of Hippocampi. He left she and Far-Reaching Pheban at Dryopia with a warm welcome to come visit him there.

Staros the Wayfarer

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