Military Advisor to Prince Ikari


Hesper, Queen of Thieves, met Strago-481 while on a mission to her then-employer Long-Armed Klekus, and all had seemed indifferent until she was leaving the Prince’s palace. There, as Fleet Archon Emus began to question her about her mission, the Machina pulled a pistol and shot him dead, calling for his compatriates who had been lying in wait. Suddenly, Keen-Armed Lamachus, Far-Reaching Preben and Euphemia the Goldenskinned all jumped out at her, though furtunately, she made it to the Calypso.

As a result of his action, Prince Ikari put a price on her head and sent both Euphemia and Preben after her. However, Euphemia returned to Prince Ikari with word of Hesper’s loyalty and plans to end the war – this involved what he recognized all too well as the Ash Spear.

When Klekus and Prince Ikari both arrived at the Ash Spear, they both found the Calypso already docked. Hesper had already been seated in the command chair and discovered that Strego-481 had initiated a command lock over 1000 years ago. While both He and Klekus called to demand the ship, she counter-proposed he give her the command codes.

She hasn’t seen or heard from Strago-481 since the destruction of the Ash Spear. It’s possible he may still be with Prince Ikari’s fleet, although it seems more likely he joined the Machina Fleet. In any case, neither she nor Preben have made a friend of him…


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