Sing, O goddess, the anger of the Hellenes, the warlike race that hath brought countless
deaths upon their myriad foes. Sing more of their final struggle against an awesome
enemy, terrible and true, when many a brave Hellene soul was sent straight into the
embrace of Hadon while fulfilling his destiny, and many an unworthy foe did the Hellenes
leave to be despoilt and forgotten, for such was the counsel of the Twelve in those days
when kindred set aside differences and united against a common enemy.

And which of their foes was it that set them to this final great task? It was their own
people, splinter’d off long since and cast into the bowels of Slipspace, ne’er to return
until this return, defying even Hadon their selfsaid master and returning whence they
were sent. But did the Atlanteans return, and came they in numbers greater than the
stars, greater even than the Hellenes that walked their worlds of sun and stone.

Of one voice then were these Hellenic Heroes, as they fought for not themselves but
their heirs, and the heirs of their heirs, for generations to come, and in honor and memory
of countless generations past, striving to create a legacy and achieve their destiny ere
they succumb to a terrible fate. And their voice was echoed by Alchibides, the Athenoian
commander as he rallied his navy for their final battle against the Atlanteans.

“Sons and daughters of Hellas,” he cried, “and all those who sail with us — Goregon,
and Nymphas, and Zintar, and more — may the Twelve sail with you, and grant you the
power and the might to defeat our common foe, to return to your families in safety, and
to secure a future for all our peoples. May worlds shake under your feet. May the skies
crack apart at your passing. May the universe tremble at the might of our coming. And
may the stars weep at the passing of our foes!”

And the Twelve heard his rally and cry, and they did bless the masses each in their own
way, Heuson with his thunder and Areson with his blood, each in kind. And thus did the
Hellenes depart for their final struggle with the Atlanteans. And thus they did go on
board and sailed their ways through Slipspace to find the foe.

And their foes found them three days hence, and it was as if a filth lay upon the
Allsea, and the Hellenes knew their foe was upon them, all around. Greatly outnumbered
were they, and surrounded, and the Hellenes were as if in a panic until Manchises the
Spartan stepped forth before the men and raised his spear.

“Excellent,” said Manchises. “Look how they surround us, like a shell. Like the young
chick inside the egg, we cannot miss, and they can only crack.”

And with those words, brave Manchises leapt from the bow of the ship….

Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone

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